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About Us

We, at CodeExpress Inc., are committed to providing a high quality of service and to remain a premier service provider in the transportation industry. Our team of dedicated employees and operators take pride in achieving common goals and working as partners with our customers.

Code Expressis dedicated to serving the States. We understand that efficient transportation services are the key component in supply-chain management and critical to the success of our customers. Our services are designed, managed and performed to ensure our customers' maintain and improve their competitive edge in the marketplaces of the world. Code Express is known for providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective transportation. Our mission is to meet or exceed customers’ expectations all of the time.

We make an effort to learn our customers’ needs and provide the people, equipment and technology to meet them.

Our growth has been attributed to the quality of service we provide to our industrial and commercial customers in the major/urban centres throughout United States.

Code Express presently employs over 80 skilled people. These people have proud heritage and excel at taking active leadership roles in the sustainable development of the transportation industry. Throughout the Code Express organization, our people are equipped and motivated to ensure that our customers' transportation requirements are properly identified, developed and delivered. Success and quality of service can only be attributed to the diverse pool of knowledge and experience coupled with the commitment to continuously serve, learn and develop.

Our highly trained, skilled and certified operators focused on safety.

Code Express Inc. has focused its resources and people with foresight and responsibility in every area of our operation. Our policies and procedures are designed to protect people, property and the environment.

As proud members of the community we serve, our people are very active in community affairs, service clubs and amateur sports.


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